Workers Comp Benefits Information


Documents to help guide our members through the Workers Comp claim maze.

The first link  1 Workers Comp. TOHP

is the Time of Hire Workers Comp pamphlet provided by HR. This Pamphlet holds the instructions and explanations of the Workers Comp Benefit plan including definitions .

“What is Workers Comp”

” What are the Benefits”

” What should I do if injured”

And Most Important ” What if there is a Problem”

Check it out if these are questions you have.

Also, Follow these instructions and HR has no reason to give you the run around as these are the instructions provided by them.

The second link Work Comp claims handling instructions

is the information provided by Athens and, agreed on by HR, as to how claims are handled on their (Athens) end.

Again, check them out if you are interested in how the claim process should go according to Athens.

Hope this hope this helps give some direction or answer some questions.